1. Taijuan Walker worked out with Jim Parque in the offseason and the VeloLOAD Harness.  So far this spring, he's been killin' it!  Ceck out the video which has commentary from Randy Johnson as well as some analysis of his offseason work.  He trained movement first and his mechanics followed! 

2. Check out the guys on MLB Network talking about hitting.  They focus in on the Heel to Heel connection which is exactly the type of body movement that the VeloLOAD Harness trains!!!

3. Check out Former TCU and Reds hitter, Walter Olmstead, talking hitting.  

4. Youth players show signiicant improvement immediately.  This athlete recognizes big time gains in bat speed because with the VeloLOAD Harness his KCR (Kinetic Chain Reaction) is optimized and hence, energy is transferred more optimally! Only the VeloLOAD Harness trains body movement! 

5.  Taijuan Walker using the VeloLOAD Harness during the off season with Jim Parque.

6.  Watch this young pitcher step up his Velocity while using the VeloLOAD Harness to optimize his body movement (KCR - Kinetic Chain Reaction) and listen how Coach Jim Parque knows right away that he can throw with more velocity.  

7.  See some of the research thats been done! 

8.  Only one product on the market today that retrains baseball / softball players' motor patterns! VeloPro's VeloLOAD Harness!

9. Nice Swing that get better because he now stays back and links into his KCR

10.  Do as you have always done and you will be as you have always been.  Take the next step to train body movement!  Only the VeloLOAD Harness offers this for baseball / softball players.  

11. Want to use the training system that the people at VeloPro Baseball have used to put over 450 players into the NCAA and Pro level game?  Train your body the right way! 

12.  Can you tell who some of the peole speaking on this video are? If you have the determination to succeed, then use the first and only product on the market that trains optimal body movement - the VeloLOAD Harness.  

13.  Let's take a look at what the VeloLOAD Harness looks like when it comes to you! (Note: this package contains the VeloLOAD System, plus the Thigh Strap)

14.  Let's see how long it takes a 13 yr old to put it on for the first time.  (Full Disclosure, 2.5 mos prior to this video, this volunteer did try on the proto-type, but this is the first seeing/trying the new product)

15.  Clemson Baseball team using the VeloLOAD Training System

17. Watch a 12u player go from 48-50mph to 54-55mph without any instruction!!!

16.  Travis Buckley (VeloPRO Client) enjoying success at the WBC!

18.  12u player goes up 6mph!

19.  13u player using VeloLOAD Harness for the first time (without much instruction).  Avg velo increases by 9mph.  His Low to High goes from 40mph to 56mph!!!

20.  2 week update on 13u player.  Avg bat speed increase: +25 mph!!! (Note: Results should notbe viewed as normal)