The following drills were specifically designed for your Velocity LOAD harness usage by former MLB pitchers Jim Parque and Mike Sirotka, NCAA pitching coaches Sean Taunt and BA Garner, and a multitude of top level pitching developers across the Nation. All drills are to be utilized with VeloPRO Baseball's pitching program that is backed by 15 years of pitching analytics data and over 20 different INDEPENDANT studies conducted at the University, lab, and field levels.

All the following drills are to be conducted in order from #1 - #6.

#1: Step Through LOAD Drill 

#2: Separation LOAD Drill 

#3: Leg Kick LOAD-out Drill 

#4: Rocker Velocity LOAD Drill 

#5: Power T Drill 

#6: Fulcrum Velocity LOAD Drill 

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