Protective Reflex Response (PRR) is a powerful injury prevention mechanism subconsciously built into your body. It is what pulls your hand back from heat or causes blinking. These subconscious motor responses optimize or protect your body's motor functions from outside stimuli.

In athletics, PRR can have both a positive and negative effect. It will initiate based upon changes to force, acceleration, and gravity - as confounded by the Bernstein, SAID, and Law of Energy Dissipation Principles. If Newton's Three Laws of Motion are not adhered to, a force or energy imbalance occurs, and PRR locks your power, speed, or velocity up.

Every human body is neurologically trying to remain balanced (during movement). Such occurs by counterbalancing opposite body parts equally and opposite to each other. By constantly adapting and knowing what to expect, the brain positions the body for movement success - and its main protective response is PRR.

Your brain knows your body's capabilities and will lock power and strength in order to assist rebalancing efforts. The power already exists, but the key to keeping athletic prowess unlocked is to remain DYNAMICALLY balanced.